live your healthiest life by detoxing

Nina has spent her whole life in the medical field and has learned about the secret that they don't tell you about. TCD is the best way to regain your health back.

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removes systemic inflamation

Learn what creates health and what takes it away, so it is easier to live your best life. Understand ALL Six Pillars of Health and how they interact with each other through webinars, videos, blog posts and more. 

removes heavy metals

Put it all together with tools and resources for ALL Six Pillars of Health, making it easier to create healthy change ~ printable journal pages, logs, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, etc; video tutorials; downloadable audios and more.

removes enviormental toxins

Receive coaching from an experienced coach and clinician who has helped countless people achieve their goals and live more vibrant lives through the Six Pillars of Health. This makes the journey easier and success more attainable. 

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