Coaching Is For EVERYONE

EVERYONE needs guidance and support on this journey through life.

Get the KNOWLEDGE, TOOLS & RESOURCES, and SUPPORT you need to live your healthiest, happiest, most vibrant life. 




If you don't know what creates health and what takes it away, it is hard to live your best life. Learn about ALL Six Pillars of Health and how they interact with each other through webinars, videos, blog posts and more. 


Tools and resources ~ with printables such as journal pages, logs, recipes, meal plans, shopping lists, etc; video tutorials and education; audio downloads with meditations/affirmations ~ make it easier to create healthy change.


Walking alongside others who have similar goals for healthy and vibrant lives, as well as receiving coaching from an experienced coach and clinician who has helped countless people, makes the journey easier and success more attainable. 

Improve Your Health

Learn how conventional wisdom regarding food may be leading you down the wrong path. Learn about the Six Pillars of Health ~ Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial and how ALL Six Pillars of Health affect each other and you. Learn your way around the kitchen, as well as how your body uses energy and rests. Learn about the toxins in your environment and how the Physical Pillar of Health affects all the other Pillars of Health. Get the coaching you need to put this knowledge into action.

Improve Your Life

Learn how your mindset affects ALL Six Pillars of Health. Learn how to increase your vitality and improve your life through improving your mindset. Learn how your mindset around money influences your Financial Pillar of Health. Learn how mindset is influences and is influenced by all Six Pillars of Health ~ Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Social and Financial. Learn the importance of each Pillar of Health and how they profoundly influence each other. Get the coaching you need to put this knowledge into action.

Coaching is Key

KNOWLEDGE is critically important. But knowledge without ACTION is useless. Learn how coaching and education go hand in hand and are essential to making lasting changes in your life. Get the level of coaching and SUPPORT you need to make changes you need to make, along with TOOLS & RESOURCES to make changes easier.


Get Coached in the Convenience of Your Own Home

Receive education in the convenience of your own home.
KNOWLEDGE in Detox Your Life 2020 is delivered both live and pre-recorded, along with TOOLS AND RESOURCES are available in the membership site when the program launches.

Receive INCREDIBLE SUPPORT with coaching, either live or on replay.

Do the education at your own pace.
Watch coaching live/replay.
Get it all online!


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